Looking at shades of myself created and destroyed. Over and over again. Whats emotional is HOW MANY of versions of self were built up and demolished in the last few months alone. The last 6 months are incomprehensible.

There were times when I had everything together, only to be whittled into a pile of “this” in a moments notice. Meeting back at square one again.

I had not realized the velocity at which this occurs.

The construction and destruction is happening daily. Moment to moment. I can see it. I can see myself riding high, feeling and indulging in an abundance of love, and in a minute, crash down as I share in the pain of whoever is across from me, or a memory. Sometimes I’ll be impenetrable to outside energy, other times – despite all the angels and protection around me – the moment takes me anyway.


New York City. May 2018.

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