Started incorporating the Rose Cross Ritual into daily routine.

A main function of the RCR is to shroud and encase the aura. It protects from the emotions of other people, but it also makes the practitioner’s energy “invisible” to others. Think of it like a cloak.

I experienced the benefit of the ritual one day last week when a coworker was yelling towards me about something that didn’t go their way. The phase “yelling towards me” is used here to differentiate from their yelling at me. This individual was telling me about a situation that happened to them (had nothing to do with me) which brought them upset. During their retelling of the story, their emotions were brought to the surface and spilled in my direction. We were having a private conversation and I was the only active listener.

Usually, quite like a sponge, it is easy to absorb another person’s energies which are experienced through emotions.

In this particular case – I absorbed nothing. That does not mean I halfheartedly listened, or tuned out in the middle of their story. I listened with my entire being. Yet, I felt none of the anger. There was no classic experience of clammy palms or the rapid heartbeat of anger. Nor did I quickly pick up the thread of conversation in rapid rage to defend their just anger.

Instead, when they finished yelling. There was a moment of silence. We maintained eye contact for another moment, and then they relaxed.

What power. Had I absorbed their energy, I could have easily circulated it with some rapid words and sharp hand gestures and we probably would have gone on like this – back and forth – for a while longer. I’m glad it stopped.

Can’t speak for what they felt or experienced, but for me – It felt like the anger washed over me. If I were made of feathers, then this was water off my back.

I experienced a bit of the cloaking aspect of the ritual as well. Waited at a bright and well lit bus stop around midnight last night only to have the local bus completely pass me. It was not running express, or out of service, or too full to pick up other passengers. It passed with quite a bit of people on it, and some empty seats. The bus driver had to have seen me, but I guess they didn’t “sense” my energy.

Perhaps it seemed to the bus driver, not like I needed to board the bus, but like someone who very much wanted to stand at the bus stop, with the Metro Card out, for no apparent reason.

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