This is a continuation / elaboration to yesterday’s post, A note about ego.

The ego tries to emulate “the quiet observer” but can’t because it performs judgement. Even thoughts like – “Now here I am, being the quiet observer.”  – Is a thought. That’s ego trying to out perform itself by emulating the quiet observer in order to blend in – hiding – to avoid being dissolved.

In actuality, the quiet observer is just that. Quiet. It’s neutral. It has no thought, no judgement, etc.

It’s a weird thing to flicker in and out of: the true present moment identification with soul (the quiet observer) and the thick egoic physical plane crap.

Physically been experiencing daily headaches and sensitivity to nearly every food I eat. (Red meats cause headaches) can’t smoke weed (headaches). I believe these strange happenings might be side effects of consistent daily practice (doing the LBRP).

Not negative at all, just being pointing in the right direction in the only way I’ll learn.

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