If nothing in childhood is ever wasted, then it’s no wonder I enjoy lifting.

The first time I ever lifted a barbell was in 7th grade. Coach Daw was trying to teach our gym class – a group of uninterested 12 and 13 year olds – how to become proficient football players. To do that, we needed to learn how to lift.

My only lift was a difficult and sloppy bench press of one rep using an unloaded 25 pound barbell. It was pathetic. I am certain there were a few kids on either side of the barbell to support as my scrawny 80 something pound frame couldn’t take it. The struggle was real, and the one rep took my strength and breath away, I recall the class leaving the weight room and hanging back a bit to have a mental word with the barbell. “I can get into this and I will defeat you.”

That day must have been a failure for coach Daw because we did not return to the weight room for as long as we attended that school.

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