Feels like I haven’t been writing as thoughtful as I’d wish, or as strong as the beginning of the year. No matter. The year is still quite young.

There has been a lot of heartbreak about me. No, not me, I am fine and well, but my loves, the people I love and care for and cherish deeply are undergoing some hurt right now.

Doing my best to stay present with them as much as possible.

If I’ve learned anything in the last couple years of life its to “Be Here Now.”

Be entirely present. This is good always. An expression of love circulates best when presence is shared among other beings in genuine connection.

We’re all very fragile. Tough as hell, but very delicate. We must take care of ourselves and those we cherish deeply. Nothing is within our control. Being 100% present in the moment is the closest to control. Even then, being entirely in the present moment allows the moment to take us.


Fire Escapes, Washington Heights, NYC.

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