I’m not feeling a whole lot of gratitude today, so here’s forcing till it feels good.

I am thankful for…

  1. All of life’s situations. The ones that appear “good” and “bad”. There is something to learn from every experience. Nothing is wasted.
  2. Many resources available for eliminating/reducing debt: interest free balance transfer cards, coupons, holiday (and non holiday) discounts and offers, loyalty rewards, etc.
  3. One of my closest friends living 14 blocks south. We get to see each other weekly. This is a gift and not one to be taken for granted.
  4. Don’t say this one too much, but thankful for technology. It connects people effortlessly across the globe. (Internet, video chat, phone and text. Blogs and websites.)
  5. New York City. When feeling isolated, there’s something immediately healing when stepping outside. There is relief from going out onto the roof or the fire escape. The most relief comes from stepping out the front door into the very fabric of Manhattan. It’s a feeling of being electricity that travels through the city nervous system. A feeling unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.
  6. The block I live on. There is a neon sign steps away, 6 restaurants, 2 bodegas. The intersection is a major cross town bus as a stop. I am equidistant from 2 different subway lines.
  7. Gratitude lists.

Off to bed now. Feeling very fortunate and grateful. Good time to go.


Looks like something out of a Ninja Turtles movie. Love the light on the bricks. NYC, December 2018.


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