This show was good – but NOTHING like the NYC show at Webster Hall a month after.

The energy of a concert in New York City (and Houston Texas more so) is magnificent. The show in LA was mellow and kind of lame. Not the performance of the artists -–that was perfect – but the actual experience of being at the show. I’m talking about the energy of the crowd which makes up a bulk of the experience.

I was thrilled and surprised when the first note was hit at Webster Hall in NYC – the floor rushed to the stage. While this is typical of any metal show, it was completely unexpected of Faith No More – especially after the uneventful experience at The Wiltern a month prior.

At The Wiltern I sang and jumped to myself, by myself, much to the chagrin of those around me. No one jumped, no one sang, no one moved – at least not anyone within 10 feet of me. It was so weird. I’m used to going to shows and locking arms with complete strangers, jumping, singing, dancing, shoving, and always helping one another out when we fall.

New York is a gift. I spent the entire evening at Webster Hall in a mosh pit of unexpected origin: yelling, screaming, dancing, jumping, and locking arms with all the strangers around me.


Much love for neon signs of all variety. April 22, 2015. Los Angeles.


Faith No More, The Wiltern, Los Angeles, April 22, 2015.

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