So – I truly believe that we are all here for a purpose, and the purpose for everyone is love; the experience and expression of it. A continuous non-stop cycling of love from everyone and for everyone and all things. It will be beautiful, it will also happen.

Most people are waking up. I don’t fully understand how this works for everyone, it seems the general population awakens with age. Breakdowns help others as well as moments of despair turned surrender.

I want to write real quickly about an instance that occurred on Monday that showed me how I’m waking up.

Got home from work on Monday in a whirlwind. I was taking off my jacket and simultaneously throwing a bowl of leftovers in the microwave. I’d use the bathroom, check my phone, open an envelope – all the while my cat is meowing and I’m ignoring her.

I continue this mess, changing into PJS, grab my food from the microwave and start eating – she continues meowing. I turn around and hiss, “BE PATIENT, BABY!”

In an instant – the situation reveals itself to me. Cassie is the epitome of patience. She is patience incarnate. 5 days a week I leave home for work and spend 10 – 14 hours away depending on the day. While I’m off at work interacting with folks, enjoying meals, weight lifting, doing all this other stuff. She’s home alone.

She doesn’t know about work, earning a living, or being on time to things. All she knows are the couple of environments she’s been in.

After 10-14 hours alone in apartment – I am the first stimulating thing in her environment. She has been patient the entire time.

She’s not meowing to ask me to work again. She usually only meows in this way for 2 things: play, and to be held. Both are variations of love. In play we create a stimulating environment where the string becomes prey, and she the predator. It’s a bonding experience as well as exercise. She correctly knows the string doesn’t move itself and that I need to be present and move it about for her. We both participate fully.

Cassie also loves to be held and snuggled. I’ve done this with her since she was a kitten. When I hold her, she purrs, curls her paws, shuts her eyes in bliss, sometimes drools. She’s experiencing love.

So am I.

My point being – I was awakened to her love. Not her “begging”. As far as she knew – I could have simply stepped outside and sat in a cardboard box for 10-14 hours not eating, drinking, moving, or anything. She might even think I haven’t played or snuggled either.

This experience was humbling. It nearly brought me to tears. In an instant she was giving me love in the way she can: cuddles and purrs. Slow blinking eye contact. Not withholding her love because I yelled at her or left the apartment for hours. I apologized to her profusely.

Another thing about animals that we can learn – they live entirely in the present moment. They give us their Undivided Attention.


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