I entered the gym frustrated today.
I started the day learning a balance transfer I had been waiting to clear for almost 10 days didn’t go through. All because the address was wrong. Keep in mind this particular bank listed 7 different addresses – a 14% chance of getting it right. An “investigation” was launched in order to cancel the transfer (another 3-5 business days). Afterwards I could start anew or who knows what.
This is frustrating because I can’t believe something so silly as an address mistake is what prevents something from functioning. It doesn’t make any sense.
The ground was super slippery outside. Mix of snow and rain made outside experience an effort.
Work was great, but body ached. Probably from physical exertion trying to stay balanced and upright and not slip or fall.
10 hours later I was at the gym, voicing my frustrations between a set.
As soon as I expressed myself and returned to bench pressing, the bar went up like air. Same with the lat pulldown, and just about everything else.
Energy of all forms can be transmuted. In this case, frustration channeled into physical labor. It’s healing.

Sharp September sunset. September 8 2017.

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