Took 3 days off from the blog.

Didn’t intend for that to happen. The first night was having an amazing conversation with a friend over the phone. Time rolled past midnight and then some. Didn’t even notice. The second day I had a friend over – we had amazing conversations and breakthroughs. Yesterday we parted ways. Had energy for some graphic work, then depleted and went to bed.

I haven’t kicked my butt about this.

When in the company of friends and loved ones, I participate with full undivided attention. People express more than they say. It manifests through their body language, vocal tone, pauses, hand gestures, and other nuances. If I’m distracted with thought about what I have to do before the day is up (example: there’s X amount of time left to post a blog entry) then I risk missing some important information. When I’m not giving my full attention – I can miss something valuable.

It’s very important to be right here right now. Right now. This is all the time we have. One it’s gone we can’t get it back. This moment is now in the past.

I get more value out of my time when I’m participating fully in the present moment with the presence of loved ones and company as opposed to striking things off the to-do list.

Haven’t always behaved this way, and over time learned two things:

  1. The to-do list never gets finished. Not ever. Even if you revisit an old list from years prior and strike everything off, you’ll have built hundreds of smaller lists since then with many untouched tasks.
  2. It feels good to pay full attention and be present with somebody. Nothing compares. I believe this might have to do with the natural exchange of energy that occurs. We exchange energy on a constant basis with everything we come in contact with whether we realize it or not. Why not affect our portion of energy distribution with intention and undivided attention rather than tainting the energy we circulate (or desaturating the purity of the moment) with energy of distraction and mild low grade anxiety over less valuable or unfinished tasks.

Upper West Side, NYC. April 2018.

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