I’ve survived the week!

Well – almost. Tomorrow is another busy day with a doctor appointment, work, and laundry, but thats about it.

I feel pretty good.

Slept an extra hour or so last night and felt amazing today. Was so much more efficient today in all my endeavors than I was yesterday and the days prior.

Sleep is important. Sleep is good.

Much as there is an ache to write a little bit more and elaborate a little further, work requires my full attention tomorrow. It does every single day.

I want to be “the best at everything as much as possible” – but not in relation to other human beings – just me. I don’t compare myself to anyone. Not ever. It only creates sadness and disappointment. It’s needless suffering. Why indulge in that? Why willingly invite a feeling of failure. I want to be the best version of myself. There are many factors in my control which will help to create this. Sleeping just enough is a good one.

Sleep contributes a lot to wellbeing.

In the name of self love and care, and being the best version of myself I can cultivate… I will now prepare for bed. Good night.


On my way home from CoSM on the Amtrak. March 2018.

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