Grateful. This is the most stable I’ve ever been with regards to the circumstances.

There hasn’t been a day without work since January 19th.

Have accomplished all I set out to do each day – but have also learned to be very reasonable with that I ask of myself. Example: I cannot complete an entire logo tonight, but I can locate reference images, maybe clip something, and fit whatever I can before 9:00pm.

This might be the first time I’ve had two freelance projects at the same time as regular full time work.

In the past, this would be the sort of thing that would set me off into a tailspin. I’d lose sleep, have anxiety, stress about the freelance work and loose quality in the full-time work or the other way around.

Used to also have the self-limiting belief that creativity was contained. That there was only so much of it to go around in a day. I had decided (without reasoning) that it would all be used up during the day at the full-time job and there would be none left over for anything on the side.

That is bullshit.

It’s all in the mind and put in motion with action.

Having and performing from a space of abundance removes all limitations. It’s after 11pm. Writing this blog and having ideas for the work I’m doing tomorrow and ways to improve the other two projects when I get to them Wednesday.

I’m physically tired, but I do not feel burnt out or anything. Quite the opposite.

Do yourself a favor and try shifting your focus from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness. Support that with action (from a place of abundance – not scarcity). See what happens. Try it with something really small you can measure. Like maybe give yourself 5 minutes in the morning or night to do something different each day. See if you can make it to a week. Everyone has 5 minutes and everyone can stick to something for at least 5 days.


DI-VINE MAN By John Shook at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Hudson N.Y.


DI-VINE WOMAN (I would assume) By John Shook at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Hudson N.Y. The artist was updating these as I stumbled upon them. March 2018.


They look cool. CoSM, Hudson N.Y. March 2018.

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