You are not broken, it’s just a blockage.

This week has been pretty amazing. I am blissed out every day at home, work, and everywhere in between. Have been this way for almost the entire month. There were hiccups early this month with Cassie’s illness. She is on the mend. I am at peace with everything.

“How do you remain in bliss when there are counter forces about you?”

Well, I was blissfully walking down the street when a tiny old lady cussed me out. I didn’t realize this was directed at me till she was right beside me. I turned over and said “Hi!” as I always do when I realize someone is addressing me. She says, “No don’t say hi!” then continued cussing me out and saying something about my walk. This is a typical day for me, I move pretty slow in NYC and it’s hard to walk after leg day and for days after. I couldn’t stop smiling. “Everything is and always will be okay!” I yelled as she rushed passed. Meant it.

There is no need to rush towards anything.

Feel pretty confident that my reaction would have been similar had it been some large, angry, youthful man.

Had an abundance of “gold” love-filled energy this morning. There was more than could be held and it was spilling. I wrote a message to a friend with love and didn’t get to hit send. A colleague had come over to vent. The surplus of gold energy was likely meant for her. Also recognized this as another example of “holding your energy/remaining in bliss” when there are counter forces about. The love was barely diminished. There was still an abundance of it. Hit send on the message after she left.

In summary, all my spiritual and physical work has accumulated to the point where I feel unshakeable. Nothing has the ability to sway me unless I let it.

For this I am grateful.


Taken July 2018. Bottom of Manhattan. 2 pillars of light.

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