I am grateful for spiritual practice.

There are many variations of spiritual practice out there. Most of them are directed at the same thing: peace, fulfillment, the experience of life in the present moment.

Obviously spiritual practices go far deeper than peace, fulfillment, and present moment existence, but let’s just stick with this as a general summary for right now.

Some of us actively perform specific spiritual practices and rituals daily. This is where we set aside time in the day to perform exercises and meditations with the purpose of experiencing peace, fulfillment, and thoughtless awareness (present moment). I believe there is a passive form of spiritual practice – or that which can lead to peace, fulfillment, and the thoughtless awareness that is the present moment.

For me, this passive form of spiritual sustenance is Strongman training.

Usually within the first set of lifting – probably even by the first rep – I am solidly and entirely in the present moment. There are no thoughts. Body follows command. There is no thinking. I am fortunate to train under someone who I believe to be the best trainer in the world – and he does all the thinking and commanding for me. “Squeeze. Pull hard. Use your lats! Breathe. Down.”

Strongman training – the heavy lifting, the practical exercises, the strangeness of it, resonates with my soul perfectly. I prefer to move heavy weight very quickly for a brief amount of time (giving it my all) than say, run somewhere for a while. My soul appreciates Strongman’s efficiency. By 45 minutes of Strongman training I have hit every muscle, given my all, slipped into “being” (present moment thoughtless awareness) and I stay this way for the entire night. Usually spilling well over into the next day and long after that.

Even though we are all a part of the same organism, there are different things that resonate with our souls and we must find it. Experience of this is bliss. Many friends love dancing, others like running, bike riding, and Crossfit.

I started Strongman training in 2014. This is months before my breakdown had occurred. I quit Strongman for a few months in 2015 as a result of the breakdown. Providence, however, will move to give you exactly what you need. I returned to Strongman months after the breakdown and continued until the beginning of 2017.


Scrap of journal entry – October 29, 2015.

I left Strongman at the beginning of 2017 because I thought I’d continue my weight training at a local gym.

Within a year and a half I learned that not all weight training is equally effective (to me). Even though I was still practicing ceremonial magick, swimming, lifting, and attending classes at the local gym quite frequently, I found myself looking into a hole that represented the beginnings of a downward depression.

Staring at this hole of deepening depression – I thought back to the very worst event of my entire life and asked myself “what got me out of that then?”

The answer came quickly and obviously. I was training 2-3 times a week at Global Strongman Gym, and performing ceremonial magick daily.

This is my “philosophers stone”. This is my precise prescription for peace, fulfillment, and present moment thoughtless existence.


Atlas stones at Global Strongman Gym, Brooklyn NY.


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