I’ve started a ton of them, haven’t finished one all the way through in a while.

Here’s a selection:


I’m 20 pages away from finishing Becoming Genevieve by Genevieve Davis. I am loving this book. This is one of the first books in a while I’ve been able to step into easily, not want to put down, and receive knowledge and epiphanies. This is an all around positive experience.  I will be starting Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography next. The rest are marked to a page and have been temporarily abandoned.

Thats not because any of these books are particularly bad. I was really into Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth a couple years ago and can’t even remember what caused me to abandon that.

Transfigurations by Alex Grey was too big to fit in my backpack and cart around the subway. Some of the books here ended up being manuals. This is nice when I have the intention of following a manual. At this time I’ve abandoned so many manuals in favor of other manuals or genuine life experience. I put John Constantine Hellblazer: The Devil You Know aside because I felt it wasn’t a productive enough read (no epiphanies, no true stories). I switched to Jason Louv’s John Dee and the Empire of Angels. A couple of times a paragraph I will stop to look up the meaning of a word, or pause and watch a documentary or some other reference to help me understand the context. Jason Louv is doing a magnificent job of explaining things – to those who already have understanding of history and the Bible. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, my understanding of history and the Bible is vague to non existent. I have been actively working on repairing these things and getting sidetracked and diving deep down rabbit holes to other amazing things. I will certainly return to Jason Louv’s book very soon. Thankfully – I get to learn a lot about the world with fresh eyes.

This year – in addition to creating – I am also working on self-care and its many forms. We all need to be balanced in our creating and consuming – aka the circulation and distribution of energy.

Reading a book I love that is straightforward (not a manual, and not difficult or challenging) brings me to a relaxed “receiving” state. I feel better, I perform better, and I usually learn something along the way.

I am undoing years of guilt (guilt about not being physically productive) by reading easy and enjoyable things. Just downloaded my first audiobook today and was able to glimpse into a new method of consuming content.

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