A few posts back I mentioned missing or losing several months to a year worth of photography. Thanks to a once meticulous need to archive everything digital – I was able to locate these precious gems on a hard drive marked for work.

What made them precious is that they documented my descent into complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown. They document the healing that came after.

Life had hit rock bottom. There was no where else to go but up and I did not know this at the time.

It is not my intention to dwell in the past or glorify my depression. However, I wish to describe the circumstances that were occurring (to the best of my ability without drawing attention to individuals or establishments) so that I can accurately describe what led me to practice ceremonial magick in the first place. As I explain, it will be easy to understand (at the very least respect) why I continue this practice today.

I need to be clear in expressing that life didn’t just get better by doing ceremonial magick alone. There was a lot of change and sacrifice and doing that still takes place today.

No one gets better by doing spiritual practice alone. We have to take care of our physical bodies (exercise, diet, and hygiene), our intellect (learning), our energetic body (being mindful of the energy exchange between people and places we interact with), and our soul (the spiritual aspect).


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