Woke up pretty blissed out this morning. Had some hard core cuddles with the cat, then left the apartment to get the day started.

Watched a lot of nice strangers help each other get on and off the bus, holding doors, offering their seats. Just smiling. It was happening so much, all I did for 30 minutes was take note of the kindness of strangers.

Somehow, as the day wore on, a depression set in. I can’t think of a possible trigger other than the lack of sunlight. Even so, the lack of sunlight hasn’t affected me in several years. Sunlight or not, being around the kindness and generosity of other people makes me feel very good.

At home, technology started breaking down again. Then I realized I have lost (or misplaced) an entire year of photography. Probably the most crucial year of my life. If it’s gone, then it’s gone, but with it goes the documentation of the most intense year of healing my journey has experienced thus far.

I really hope the photos are just in pieces on another hard drive. Time will tell.

Until then, here’s some photos of the Pratt Library taken in 2007.


I was employed here from 2006-2009. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a librarian and indulging in the majesty that is the Pratt Library. Everything was made out of glass and ornate irons. I loved the marble staircases and often felt transported to the late 1800s. I believe the interiors were designed by Tiffany & Co.

I enjoyed working as a librarian so much, I have since volunteered at NY public libraries around the city to help organize and shelve their books.

I hope there are libraries still around in the future. Would love to return to my old gig in “retirement” – whatever the hell that means.


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