Sometimes I have to remind myself of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

This manifests as re-writing things I’ve already written, talking to myself and others, repeating things.

This blog, which you are reading now, exists.

Here, again, are some of the reasons why it exists:

Reason One

Creating something new every day. Not to be polished or finishedโ€“ that would cause burnout, but to progress a little bit, each day.

Even if I can’t “do” anything, there is always something created, like dinner.

Alternatively, I can step outside and look for things of beauty and try to capture them in photographs, or use this space to finally showcase photographs I’ve already taken but never shared.

Reason Two

I wanted to know my life’s purpose really well.

I believe I am on a path heading in the right direction.

All my life I have been drawn to art: creating and indulging. This blog provides a daily forum with which to express. After a year of doing this I will find out which “variety” of creation I enjoy most. It might be the cooking, it might be photography. I’m only 18 days in and at this point, it’s been the writing which has produced the most enjoyable “flow” state. Writing takes the longest but feels the shortest. Often as I’m writing it feels as if its been moments, then when I look at the clock I’m surprised to see it’s been an hour. Sometimes I’ll go back and write for a few more moments only to look up and notice it’s been another hour.

Reason Three

To stop playing small. I have heard this before, but only in the last 3 months has it been so loud I had to do something about it. “You are not helping anyone by playing it small”. It’s true. How does anyone benefit without an exchanging of ideas? We don’t. To isolate is to stagnate, to stagnate is to sink.

Progress not perfection.

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