Well, here’s a pretty neat thing to have. An obelisk in Central Park!

Plaque reads:

“This obelisk was erected first at Heliopolis, Egypt, in 1600 B.C. It was removed to Alexandria in 12 B.C. by the Romans. Presented by the Khedive of Egypt to the City of New York. It was erected here on February 22, 1881 through the generosity of William H. Vanderbilt.”

20170610_193706Google tells me its twin is located in London. There’s a third obelisk in Paris with its twin still in Luxor.

20170610_194048The energy, peace, and enormity of it all. The first time I saw this – It literally took my breath away.

People were excited to tell me how to find it, what part of the park, east or west, etc. Additionally – there was always Google. I much preferred to stumble upon it by accident. Glad that I did.


One more photo taken from a distance with a person in it for scale.


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