Washington Heights, NYC.


J. Hood Wright park, Washington Heights, NYC. January 2017.

I feel nostalgic for this place. I had the pleasure of living here for almost 3 years.

Of all the places I have been to in New York City, Washington Heights is the most profound. It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful, it’s magick. It’s the best place to view sunsets. Every inch of this zip code looks like a movie. While living here, it was hard for me to believe this place was real and that I actually got to wake up and go to bed here every night. I felt very fortunate to be able to call it my home. If you live here or come to visit, make it a point to take the A train to 175th and walk west to J. Hood Wright park. The views of the bridge, the Hudson, and the skies are intoxicating. Plus this neighborhood is infinitely exciting to explore. There is a creepy tunnel that goes under the West Side Highway that takes you an isolated part under the George Washington Bridge. That tunnel gets DARK. Even in the brightest of days. I’d feel equal parts thrill and anxiety with each crossing.

A lot goes on under the bridge and around. One man rigged his own housing situation out of wires and other discarded equipment. Another time I followed a haunting tune to a lone man playing saxophone in the sun, off a small cliff attached to the bridge. He was dancing like nobody was watching. I left him this way without taking a photo. Some energies you need to respect. There was also evidence of a once functioning community directly under the bridge. Further down is a lighthouse. From there you can basically walk right into the Hudson.

I will proudly use this blog to share some (or who knows, maybe all?) of these photos. This could easily become the “Realm of Washington Heights” blog. I feel okay about that.


J. Hood Wright park, Washington Heights, NYC. January 2017.

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