Nothing turned out quite like it was supposed to.
I think I handled it well. Probably could have handled it better. Of course its easy to say something like this with hindsight.

Here’s the list.

What went wrong
• Canon printer/scanner gave me an error message all day that prevented me from doing anything with it.
• Pet insurance website crashed as I submitted a large claim.
• Never made it into the office today – even as I had every intention and plan on doing so. (Cassie’s appointment lasted WAY longer than expected.)
• Bluetooth mouse and keyboard consistently disconnect from the iMac. A minor annoyance that has now turned into a problem.
• Didn’t get to speak to the vet today about Cassie’s imaging results.

For good measure I should include that a very large 6TB external hard drive croaked yesterday. It contains my work, digital photos (and scans) that go as far back as 2003/4, projects, freelance, tax docs, pretty much everything.

What went right
• Got my Canon printer/scanner to work again after coming really close to destroying it.
• Successfully submitted the vet claims – thanks to the scanner working and lots of patience.
• I found a cord that connects the keyboard to the computer. Now when the Bluetooth cuts out – I won’t be completely useless.
• Accomplished a fair amount of work.

I want to note that I worked from home today with great success.

Yeah I lost a bit of time troubleshooting tech issues.

Still, I watched something nice happen. I enjoyed working, despite nothing going as planned. I was able to relax into, got lost in, and have genuine fun creating graphics for my full-time job. Didn’t even notice what had happened till I was well into it.
Mind you, this was the activity I decided to pursue right after a moment of near destruction (of the poor Canon printer/scanner).

This comforts me. It’s sort of like the universe winking and saying “you know, your life’s not as off track as you sometimes believe it to be.”

Thanks, universe.

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