I bought these lovely flowers on Saturday.

I asked for a red one, a white one, and maybe a yellow one – no a pink one! The guy gave me a yellow one – not feeling the need to protest, I took these beauties home with me. On the way home, I thought of the yellow one and “wished” it were pink instead. A block later I looked at how out of place the yellow flower looked with the red and white. It’s not even a good color palette, I thought.  As I crossed the street to my block, I allowed disappointment to wash over me as I held these flowers – my attention resting on the yellow one.

Sadly, look which one decayed first.


This reminds me of Dr. Emoto’s experiments. He is known for saying “I love you” to one glass of water and “I hate you” to the other. He puts the water in a freezer and checks it out under a microscope later. The water with “I love you” had more harmonious patterns in its mollecular structure than the “I hate you” water. Those patterns developed more chaotically.

In the case of these flowers, I didn’t exactly “want” the yellow one, but I brought it home anyways. The white one is lovely – I enjoyed it from a distance.


The red one I love dearly, and have included it in every ritual, every day, for as long as I’ve had it. Its even had a place on the altar. Several “altars” in fact. Look how vibrant it is. It remains extremely velvety to the touch. I often glare at it lovingly, acknowledging its beauty.


Now I expect people to say something about coincidence and how I didn’t know the treatment of the flower before it got to my hands – all these things are true. However, personal experience has taught me that there are no coincidences. Magick is real. I don’t seek the proof so much anymore (I know magick is present all around me) but I LOVE how magick continuously reminds my of its presence. The side effect of magick’s presence through these flowers is a reminder to keep my thoughts in check. If I think thoughts of doubt, there will be decay. If I think thoughts of love,  there is expansion.

Now here’s a sketch!


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