I am sketching something I saw while in a meditative state.


I do not have the time to explain the sketch, knowledge, and wealth of information that came with this visual – but here’s something to celebrate…

This is the most I have drawn in 10 years.

Without the support of two souls who form my accountability group, the visuals that come with the meditative states, the essence of the phrase “you are not helping anyone by playing small”, a friend who turned me on to Casey Neistat’s daily creations, ceremonial magick, the angels, the adepts, everything… I would not be creating.

I would also not be publishing these creations on WordPress or anywhere else on the internet if not for Maria and Mayryanna. They trudged the path with their honesty and vulnerability. You inspire me every day.

Thanks everyone and all. There are so many more people and coincidences and situations that pushed me into this. 2019 is about throwing away the old programming and facing resistance. Dissolving fear for good.

My accountability buddies can be found right here on WordPress at Optimal Mastery and Made in the Cosmos.

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